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A little about the company...

Ibiza Luxury Villas is a boutique, independent , local agency dedicated to matching you with suitable villas while also helping you with any elements of your holiday that need detailed planning and preparation.

With us you can be assured that we always try to obtain the best price possible, that we have relationships with our counterparties and are well known and trusted on the island.

We are conscious that everytime a booking is made we must be certain that  to the best of our abilities we can be sure the villa is as described and your holiday will be what you expect.

In any case if you have any questions, just call me to discuss or fill in the form that will popup in a moment to get the ball rolling!

All my very best

Adam Honey (+44 7775 814 814)

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 -  View suitable villas by selecting the search criteria at the top of the page for a list

 - When you find a villa you like the look of, make an enquiry by filling in the form at the top of the page

 - We will then contact all the owners of suitable villas for you and send you  the details

 - Book and go!

Please call as at any time to discuss your preferences and options. We will be happy to advise you of the best areas and most suitable choices for your holiday by phone or email.

We have live chat too!


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